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Mom Thoughts

by Little Weedz

I promised myself I would get better at posting more information in my blogs with the hopes of sharing insights into Little Weedz and me with each of you…but that will have to wait.  Mother’s Day is just around the corner and I can’t get out of my mind that we all are connected in this way.  Little Weedz came about because I am a mother.  Granted I have two fully grown boys now (I mean to say men), but if it weren’t for them growing up so quickly I never would have come upon my business of creating clothes that grow.

So take note, they do grow like little weeds and soon will be on their own path.  Being a mother is a very special thing, some of you are surrogate mothers just by being the best aunt or friend for a child; others of us had the experience of having the little critters actually live with us the whole time.  Whatever your role, it’s an important one, to mother a child, that is.  Giving a child confidence, security and the ability to explore the world is our gift to them.  Theirs to us is helping us stop and see the pure excitement and joy the world can offer.  I want to tip my hat to all of you new, experienced (I didn’t want to say old) and soon to be moms.  Things can get crazy in day-to-day life, but today is our day.  We never seem to feel we give enough or often feel we should have done something differently, but pat yourselves on the back for a job well done.  Your kids will cherish the memories of your efforts and love; mine tell me occasionally and it feels great!

Happy Mother’s Day Ladies

Valentine’s Day from the Heart of a Child

by Little Weedz

During this week leading up to Valentine’s Day, I have been flooded with the nostalgia of so many memories that remain amazingly warm and happy in my heart. As we become adults, and especially as the years since childhood add up, we may forget many of the places we’ve been and gifts we have been given, but we always retain memories of our special occasions and holiday traditions since childhood. The most important memories I still treasure and hold dear are those where an adult, whether it be parents, grandparents, or a caregiver connected. For moments in time, they gave up their adult roles and tickled my life with just being fun… on my age level. In the magical moments of childhood, there is little more precious than a moment where an adult merges into “our” world as children!

On Valentine’s Day we would take a box that we had each personally decorated to school along with our valentines for each of our classmates. I remember spending days thinking of the special valentine box I was going to create. With colored paper, crayons, crepe paper and doilies I spent days designing and constructing my special box and delighted for hours after returning home from the school celebration, reading and enjoying the cards from my classmates. In the evening, the tradition where I grew up was to take valentines to our friends in the neighborhood, place the treasured envelope on the front porch, and with heart pounding, ring the doorbell and run! I can still remember the thrill of getting away before the door was answered! One year our doorbell rang and mom sent me to the door. There was a big red heart shaped box of candy on the porch! I opened the door and bent down to pick up this fabulous treasure and it moved! Yes it moved… just enough that I could not reach it. Somewhat startled I again reached for that box and again it moved just out of reach! By now I was laughing and absolutely delighted at this magical moment!! Just before the box toppled off the porch onto the steps out jumped my dad with a huge smile on his face and a heart shaped box of chocolates in his hands… with a big hug he wished me a Happy Valentine’s Day and told me that he loved me…. now that is a memory to hold in your heart always!

Every year I receive a valentine in the mail from my sister. I can count on it. And I can also count on opening it up and reading “do you remember the year….”! There is not a child that has been in my life that doesn’t also hold that memory from one special year in their childhood. For us it has been “a keeper”… and the tradition lives on! This year I have two special children in my life that haven’t yet experienced the jumping box of chocolates. I already have my heart shaped boxes of chocolate, the fishing line to tie to the box and my hiding places scoped out! I am truly counting down the days until this joy filled memory touches another child’s heart!
Happy Hearts Day!! jules.

*Jules has extensive training in early childhood development and parent coaching and has been a certified nanny for over 25 years.

Snowy Day…Perfect for Planning the Spring Line

by Little Weedz

Yippee we finally have some fresh snow, 10 inches so far and it’s still comin’.  For those of you who don’t know Little Weedz is based in Southwest Colorado in Pagosa Springs.   I live outside of town about 13 miles from the Summit of the Continental Divide,  just 15 miles from Wolf Creek Ski Resort, in a log cabin in the woods (no kidding). So snow is a wonderful thing! It’s going to be a great powder day tomorrow!

Little Weedz Main Office

The snow is not only beautiful to look at and wonderful to play in, it’s also great inspiration for designing my Spring line. I’m selecting some colorful, summery fabrics and working out the details of some new designs. Can’t wait to show them to you.

I’m feeling so lucky to be doing what I’m doing, where I’m doing it.  Oops… I just looked out my office window and got the “please come play with me” look from my part time office partner.  This is her favorite kind of day too!!!

My sweetie Kenai

Hoping your holidays were magical!

by Little Weedz

We here at Little Weedz made it through our first holiday season! Experienced a few shortages, but we were able to quickly make them and ship. Learning experiences… thanks for your patience to those of you that had a short wait. Thanks to everyone for supporting Little Weedz with your purchases and referrals.

I think our biggest hit was the bigger girl, or pre”tween” as we like to call it, skirts with matching American Girl doll outfits. I would love to see pictures if any of you have them.

I’m busy planning a few new spring skirts, t-shirts and doll outfits. Choosing fabrics can be so much fun, but makes for tough choices since there are so many wonderful ones to choose from. Keep an eye out for some new things by mid March. Also, I would love any ideas that you have or color preferences. That might make some of my decisions easier. I can always use the help.

This is my first real blog posting, so if you read this and want to purchase I would like to show my appreciation by giving you a 25% discount on any order over $50.00, plus free shipping. This offer will last until my next blog posting. Please enter “Imlistening” in the coupon code area in the shipping section. I’m sorry though this discount can’t be combined with any other discount or sale merchandise.

We’re trying to grow our business, and the best way is word of mouth. If you’re willing, please share this site with a friend, or “like” us on Facebook or tweet us on Twitter (lots of new things for me to learn).

My best,

“A Little Black Dress Affair” to Benefit Seeds of Learning Preschool

by Little Weedz

Thursday, January 13, 2011Pagosa Sun

Once again, Seeds of Learning Early Care and Education Center is proudly presenting “A Little Black Dress Affair,” an elegant evening of fashion and fun for women.

This “Affair” will be held Saturday, March 5, from 5-8 p.m. at the Ross Aragon Community Center in Pagosa Springs. Ladies attending will enjoy a fashion show presented by Goodman’s Department Store and Little Weedz children’s clothing, delectable appetizers and desserts prepared by the Alley House, entertainment provided by Mary McKeehan, as well as a silent auction and a drawing for “girly” gifts.

If you attended last year’s event, you remember what a fabulous and memorable evening it was! This year’s event promises some new surprises. We are taking a step on the “wild side” to bring you “A Little Black Dress Affair – The Animal Within”. Call your girl friends, pick your favorite dress, and pump up the bling!

So your guy doesn’t feel left out, the Pagosa Brewing Company will be providing “man care” during the event. The guys will enjoy fun provided by Tony Simmons as well as prizes and gift certificates. A portion of the proceeds for the guy’s event will be donated to Seeds of Learning.

Tickets for “A Little Black Dress Affair – The Animal Within” can be purchased at Seeds of Learning or Switchback Mountain Wear. Single tickets are $40. A table of ten can be purchased for $400. Tickets are not necessary for the guy’s event.

Seeds of Learning is a non-profit early care and education center located in the heart of downtown Pagosa Springs. The center relies on tuition, grants, individual donations and fundraising to support their annual operating budget. Seeds of Learning is open daily, year round and currently provides services to over fifty of Archuleta County’s families. The center offers a toddler room, two preschool classrooms and one pre-k classroom. So come on, put on your little black dress, have some fun and support a wonderful early care and education center!

Any questions about the event or the program at Seeds of Learning can be answered by Lynne Bridges, executive director, at 264-5513.

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Adorable Photos

by Little Weedz

Welcome to Little Weedz blog! We welcome your comments, stories and photos!

Welcome to Little Weedz!

by Little Weedz

Welcome to the Little Weedz blog…I will be posting new designs, great photos and other news about Little Weedz…